It is now possible to advertise your product / service / music / event on PartyCloud !

All the PartyCloud background is available for your advertisement, as shown in red color on this picture below.
More than banners, you can use this space for skinning the site entirely with a big picture.

As your ad will be the background of the site, it will NOT be blocked by Adblock !

The basic idea is that your ad shouldn't harm the user experience.


More precisely :
- Your ad should use a dark theme, ideally with a black or grey background because most of the users use the site in a dark environment.
- Your ad shouldn't be too agressive for the eye (no fancy animation). Fixed ad are the best.
- Your ad should be somehow related to PartyCloud (music, dj, club, events...)

Our advertising offer is based on a CPM (cost-per-mille impressions) of $2 for a banner to $3 for a full skin.
We will be able to provide you all the statistics you need to check the numbers.

Great! let's get in touch by email :


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