A tutorial video (HOW TO USE)

PartyCloud is powered by the iWebDJ online DJ player and SoundCloud music! First of all, we want to thank the friendly iWebDJ guys (Quentin Dreyer and Aurélien Joubert) for their help with our player and also the SoundCloud team for their awesome Public API.

You can become a great DJ by having fun mixing hot tracks! In particular, you can easily beatmatch two musics together, change the playback speed, do loops and/or cool effects, change medium/bass frequency. To do so, type the name of a track or choose one from our premade playlists. Moreover, if you need some rest, you can also use the automix feature, the player will take over.

PartyCloud is very simple to use, you don't need to know anything about DJing!! Like a basic DJ setup, you have two players and one mixer. The basic concept is to play two tracks simultaneously (in each player) and press the SYNC button to synchronize the beats together. Then you can add some effects like scratch, loops, filters and so on... This youtube video is very good presentation of the site and explains the basic mixing concepts.

At the moment, all songs available are coming from SoundCloud, one of the best online music sharing website in the world! In the future, we might get connected to other online music providers. To make it clear, we don't host any music on our servers!

It's because we didn't analyze the songs you are looking for. The songs need to be analyzed before being remixed with the DJ player. It means that the BPM, the song structure and other information have to be computed first in order to activate features, such as the beatsync and the loops. In the playlist, you can see which song has been analyzed by looking at the small circle on the right (green = analyzed, grey = not analyzed yet). For now, we have analyzed up to 1 million songs only.
Recently we introduced PartyCloud Desktop which got an internal analyzer built-in and therefore which allows to analyze all Soundcloud songs in realtime! So if you want to have all Souncloud analyzed, download PartyCloud Desktop.

Yes! but because internet browsers don't allow to access local files on your harddrive, you need to use PartyCloud Desktop which is a standalone application you can install on your computer. PartyCloud Desktop is the same DJ mixer than PartyCloud.fm but running on your computer and allows you to browse your harddrive and mix your mp3 files thanks to a file explorer.

All mixes are in the "Recordings" section in the menu. Because this section displays ALL mixes on PartyCloud, your mix can be a bit below, you have to find it. If you are quick this is no problem, but if you wait, you will have to scroll down quite a lot to find your mix. So BE QUICK :). By clicking on the share button, you can save your mix url or share it on facebook/twitter to keep it forever :)

We got TONS of emails asking for this ;), so here is the answer : All the music on PartyCloud comes from SoundCloud which means that PartyCloud has no control on the music. For now, SoundCloud doesn't allow downloading music with their public API, we can't allow PartyCloud users to download their mixes as MP3.
To save your mix, you can use our PartyCloud Desktop app which allows to record and save your mix as audio files on your harddrive!

To have your name in the title of your mix instead of Guest, you have to be logged on with Facebook. For this, go on the favorite section in the menu or press the record button. PartyCloud will ask you to loggon with Facebook. We only allow facebook login ID for now because it is the most simpler and universal solution. Don't worry, we just get your public name, we don't have any access to your profile!

Your favorites are saved on the PartyCloud server, they can be accessed from any computer you are logged on facebook on. We only allow facebook login ID for now because it is the most simpler and universal solution. PartyCloud won't require any kind of facebook permission, don't worry :). For now you can't access your SoundCloud favorites because we didn't developed the feature yet.

These hot songs has been selected by passionate DJs. Some of them : DJ Josh83, DJ Byjou, DJ LoveBoobs, DSH team (Gaspard, Julien)...

If the PartyCloud player doesn't load : clear your cache and reload the page !

If it still doesn't work : Try to disable your antivirus (Avira but especially Bitdefender has been reported to cause this problem)
If it still doesn't work : See if one of your browser plugins is blocking the player.
If it still doesn't work, please send an email to the iWebDJ guys : contact@iwebdj.com

Yes! for this, download PartyCloud Desktop which is the same DJ mixer on the website but it is a standalone application you can install on your computer.

PartyCloud allows use to use a headphone for cueing your tracks! You can enable the headphone by clicking with the right click on the PartyCloud player. To make it work, you need a special Y-mono-splitter such as this one. The right channel will be the headphone output and the left channel will be the master output. You can also easily build one splitter by yourself if you are good with electronics.

The iWebDJ guys are working on the MIDI control but it is just a prototype for now. Today only one controller is fully working/mapped with PartyCloud which is the MixVibes U-Mix Control series. If you own one U-Mix controller and if you use Windows 7, you can try the beta MIDI support via the right click config menu on the player. The instructions will appear.

First thank you very much for this, we worked so hard on it, you can't imagine ;). Please share PartyCloud with all your friends and like our facebook page, this will already help us a lot! You can also buy PartyCloud Desktop which is a cheap but very useful piece of software :).

Yes it is now possible! please go here to learn about our advertising offer.

Please do so! here is our mail : feedback@partycloud.fm

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